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Share your video and play with people from around the world


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Loops is an app that works like a social network where you can do a variety of things, from broadcasting live videos to gaming online alongside people from around the world. Quite an interesting app that lets you interact with people from all over the globe.

One of the main appeals of Loops is how you can broadcast live videos to other people. You can join someone else's stream over chat, or even participate by video if the original creator allows it. The host appears onscreen, while on the right side are the other people participating in the video chat.

Besides the live stream, Loops lets you play different games online and compete against other people. The games are of various sorts, though you'll definitely find classics like parcheesi.

Loops is an online platform to broadcast live alongside people from other countries. In addition to the games, it's possible to win prizes.

Android 4.2 and later versions.